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hey there, i'm brenda.

I help you plan Your Wedding, Your Way.

Nice to meet you! Welcome to T&L Coordination, your go-to wedding planning guide for everything you need to plan a wedding that truly reflects who you are.

Whether you are picking your venue, dress, or wondering how to word your invites, I’ve got you covered.

My mission is to simplify the confusing details of planning a wedding, inspire you with timeless wedding ideas, and give you practical step-by-step advice to make your dream wedding a reality. 

Start reading, happy planning.

It's time to plan your wedding.

As I write this, I want to tell you the best tip for planning your wedding…Just Start Planning. 

Yes, planning a wedding is a big task, and wedding planning cannot be a completely pain-free process. 

However, the greatest part is T&L Coordination is here to help you with tons of ideas for your big day, amazing wedding inspiration, and genius answers to all your wedding planning questions.

You decide where to start and what to read.

Think of T&L as your free-of-charge wedding planner who’s on call 24-7.

Some Fun Facts

I'm a Mama to the sweetest little girl and boy. They are the funniest, most energetic, strong willed kids.

Love a playlist with a good mix of music that gets me dancing and singing out loud.

I love to travel. I had a once in a lifetime travel experience when I won a trip to Seychelles. I enetered an art competion and won. One of the winning rewards was a fully paid trip to Island paradise.

When I am not working I love watching a mix of reality TV and my favorite shows. I will watch any show that promises to make me laugh or make me cry. Do you have any suggestions of a show that does both?

I enjoy drinking a hot cup of tea whether it's a fruity herbal tea or Kenyan tea.

I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to the United States after high school.

Did we just become planning friends?

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