Get a Wedding Coordinator. Don’t DIY On the day of Your Wedding.





Get a Wedding Coordinator. Don’t DIY On the day of Your Wedding.



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A few days ago, I was sitting on the floor of my guest bedroom frustrated, sweating, trying to read instructions on putting a bookcase together.

I was wondering why it did not come with an instructional video, why the pictures in the manual were in black and white.

Why did the words seem to be in font size two,  and why did I decline to get an installer at the store or wait for my husband to lend me a hand?

What kind of name is Billy for a bookcase anyway? I almost called IKEA to ask them to send an installer, but I was determined to put this bookcase together.

I decided to battle it and put it together before my husband got home just to prove to myself that I could do it. 

As I looked at all the pieces scattered all over the floor, it occurred to me that there must have been a step that I skipped or parts that I did not unbox. 

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I  also realized that a professional would have known exactly what to do. I looked at the corner of the room where I had placed a stool I had just miraculously assembled perfectly.

It was standing, not wobbling or rocking! I decided that if I could assemble the stool, the Billy bookcase was not going to defeat me and it didn’t.

So, three hours later I finished the installation, and it then occurred to me that I needlessly put myself through all that torture.

Should you consider hiring a wedding coordinator?

My billy Bookcase experience is what a lot of couples face on their wedding day. We all grow up organizing and hosting successful, talked-about parties, birthdays, baby showers, office parties, etc. 

I want to take a few minutes and talk to you guys about why all those events are like the little stool in the corner of my guest bedroom while your wedding day is a Billy bookcase; A Billy bookcase that you need a professional to put together while you go kick your feet up and enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage.

The biggest difference between your wedding and the Billy is that with your wedding if you don’t get it right the first time, you do not get a do-over. 

I am at that age where you find that most of your friends are married and have been for a while, there are a few outliers but almost all of them have significant others that they are seriously contemplating settling down with.

I’ll be wrong to not mention that there are some of my friends and relatives who are perfectly happy not getting married and I accept that and them for who they are, but this blog is about weddings, so I’ll quickly move on. 

I mention my pool of friends because they gave me a proper sample of weddings that were either super organized or crazy chaotic. There seemed to be no middle-of-the-road when it came to the wedding organization.

They were either run like a well-oiled machine or they were totally falling apart. I, therefore, formed a simple survey that my friends filled out and there was a clear line of separation between the organized and the chaotic weddings.

To the very last one, the organized ones used a Day of Wedding Coordinator while the ones that were chaotic did not. 

Now I know you are thinking that my survey sample size is small. I agree that the sample size is small and that is why I have done lots of research to finally have the material I need to convince you that you need a Wedding Coordinator. 

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Final Thoughts

Initially, I had thought of using a cute little phrase like “He should have gone to Jared’s” to tell you that you should have used a Wedding Coordinator but that is after the fact and not before.

I want to prevent you from making the mistake that most brides and grooms make by trying to do everything themselves or having Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally coordinate their wedding.

Consider hiring a wedding coordinator to handle all the stress and issues that occur on your wedding day so you can sit back and enjoy a glass a glass of your favorite beverage, celebrating with all your guests. 

In the next blog posts I will answer questions like what coordinators do, why you need them and what they cost among other questions?

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I hope to provide you with tons of great information to help inspire you to have the wedding of your dreams with as little headaches as possible.


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