Secret’s out! 7 Hair & Makeup Artists Most Loved Bridal Look

Bridal hair and makeup by Aimee Daily Artistry

You have thought about your wedding day hair and makeup dozens of times. Maybe hundreds. 

      • Should I wear my hair up, down or half up?
      • Should my makeup be classic & simple or glammed up?
      • Should I wear a bold lip color?

Whatever questions you have, don’t let them worry you. We are here to help! In case you missed it, in the last makeup and hair blog post (here is the specific blog post) we guide you on how to choose the perfect hair and makeup look for you.

In this post, 7 of our favorite hair and makeup experts reveal their secrets and share their most popular hair and makeup bridal looks. 

Psssst…..some also list the products they love to use to create these bridal looks. 

Take inspiration from our favorite pros and use their bridal looks as a guide to pick your wedding day look. A hair and makeup look that makes you feel beautiful and feel like yourself. 

But first, here is the answer to a question frequently asked by brides:

What is bridal makeup?

It is makeup that is full coverage and lasts longer than the everyday makeup. The lipstick and eyeshadow are a little more vibrant, playful and glamorous. The goal of bridal hair and makeup is to compliment the bride’s natural beauty and to look beautiful in every wedding picture taken of her on the wedding day.

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Bold lip soft glam bridal makeup by Tulsa Makeup Artist Megan Berven Makeup
Bride with white dress and veil with curls updo hairstyle in soft glam makeup

Bridal makeup by Megan Berven Makeup

1: Soft glam wedding makeup. 

By Megan Berven Makeup; Tulsa Makeup Artist.

The most requested bridal look is often a soft glam look. Most brides want to still look and feel like themselves but with that little bit of extra glam, since it is their wedding day! 

When I do a soft glam bridal look, the most common products I use are;

      • Kiss Lashes in Flirty
      • MAC eyeshadow pigments Inglot eyeliner
      • Ofra and Becca Highlighters
      • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder and Contour Sticks (I use those in almost every application!)


Megan’s pro tip for your wedding day is; I suggest brides schedule to have their makeup done second to last; I don’t like the bride and I feeling rushed at the very end so that is why I suggest that placement. Brides are always welcome to decide when they would like to have their makeup done though.

Bride with soft waves hair down hairstyle in glam makeup
Bride with hair pinned up soft waves hairstyle in natural makeup

Bridal hair by Hair by Lakin

2: Soft waves wedding hairstyle.

⁣⁣By Hair by Lakin; DFW Hair Stylist.

I would say my most requested look has to be soft waves in some variation! Maybe with braids, a simple half up, or just down and curled! I used to work behind the chair with extensions so this is a look I specialize in!

When thinking about these kinds of styles, I always ask my brides if they are considering extensions. There are SO many types of extensions! You can even get them for just your wedding day! It definitely brings your bridal style to Pinterest level. 

Hair by Lakin’s pro tip for your wedding timeline is; I usually block off an hour for the bride! The brides service is a bit more than bridesmaids so I like to spend more time on her as well! It is the bride’s big day. I usually put the bride close to the end but not last.

I’ve noticed that having the bride last creates her feeling anxious & rushed like she’s behind! That’s my recommendation to the bride but ultimately it’s up to her!

Bride with hair pinned up hairstyle in glam makeup with red lip color
Bride with loose curls hair down hairstyle in soft glam makeup

Bridal hair and makeup by Aimee Daily Artistry

3: Effortless Natural glam wedding makeup. 

By Aimee Daily Artistry; Dallas Hair & Makeup Artist.

My most requested wedding look is effortless natural glam. Something that each one of my brides always say to me at one point is, “I just want to feel like the most beautiful version of myself!” Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better look for your wedding than that!

You want to look back on those photos in a few years and still think, “wow! I looked amazing”, not “wow! what was I thinking?!” I think it’s so popular because, why would you not want to look like the most beautiful version of you? The answer is simple, you wouldn’t. 

Aimee’s exclusive wedding timeline pro tip for brides is; on wedding day you will typically be the last in the lineup so schedule about an hour for hair and makeup so that you can enjoy all the attention you will get as the bride. However remember you can always request to have your hair and makeup done earlier.

Bride with curls hair down hairstyle in soft glam makeup
Bride with half up half down hairstyle in soft glam makeup with pink lip color

Bridal hair and makeup by Ahimsa Artistry

4: Natural Soft Glam wedding makeup.

By Ahimsa Artistry; Dallas-Fort Worth Hair & Makeup Artist.

We get mostly soft glam requests that enhance the Bride’s natural beauty. Aquage working spray for curls, shaper hairspray for final look and lots of bobby pins and back combing at the crown. 

Our favorite makeup looks are created with; 

      • Temptu airbrush and makeup 
      • Anastasia eyeshadow palettes 
      • Ben nye setting spray
Bride with hair down hairstyle in glam makeup with pink lip color
Natural glowy Glam bridal makeup by Dallas-Fort Worth Hair & Makeup Artist The Dallas Team

Bridal hair and makeup by The Dallas Makeup Team

5: Natural glowing glam wedding makeup.⁣⁣

By The Dallas Makeup Team; Dallas-Fort Worth Hair & Makeup Artist.

Our team specializes in natural, glowy GLAM! Flawless airbrushed skin that looks and feels  natural with the right amount of highlight, contour and blush along with soft , kissable lips,  and beautiful fluffy lashes and a POP of shimmer in the inner lid … this is our signature bridal look. 

The most important product in finishing off the makeup look is setting spray. We LOVE Skindinavia- it’s clinically-proven as a lightweight, breathable fine mist to set liquid and powder makeup, and hold it in place for 16+ hours! ( A MUST FOR BRIDES!)

      • Prevents color shifting and fading
      • Keeps makeup in place all day
      • Works up to 16 hours
      • Oil-free
      • Paraben-free and hypoallergenic
      • Vegan and cruelty-free
Bride with half up half down bohemian hairstyle in soft glam makeup
Bride with hair down textured loose curls hairstyle in soft glam makeup

Bridal hair by Sam Palmer Hair

6: Bohemian half up wedding hairstyle

By Sam Palmer Hair; Tulsa Hair Stylist.

A frequently requested style for 2020, has been a half up style! I think brides gravitate to this style so often, is because they‘re wanting to keep their hair down & showcase their timeless curls, but at the same time, they want a style that keeps their hair out of their face throughout the day & into the night as they’re dancing & having fun at their reception!

The types of products I use on each bride for a half up style are going to depend on her hair type & the type of curl she’s envisioning. For a loose bohemian style, I love incorporating a texture spray! It’s a great product for giving that textured lived-in style that so many brides are gravitating to this wedding season.

Bride with updo hairstyle in soft glam makeup with mauve lip color
Bride with romantic textures soft waves updo hairstyle

Bridal hair and makeup by Baleigh Kerr Hair and Makeup

7: Soft glam wedding makeup with a Romantic textured updo wedding hairstyle.

By Baleigh Kerr Hair and Makeup; Dallas Hair & Makeup Artist.

Most of my clientele requests a soft glam makeup look paired with a romantic, textured updo. Soft glam is a great option for brides that want to feel done up without looking over the top. I think all the romantic, textured updos are a beautiful trend that is here to stay!  

Some of my favorite products to achieve a soft glam makeup look; 

      • MAC mineralize foundation
      • Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow angel
      • Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam eyeshadow palette 
      • Pink/peachy blush tons (I prefer NARS liquid blush for a natural, flushed look) 
      • Neutral, glossy lip and a fluffy lash!


Baleigh’s pro tip for brides getting hair and makeup is; for brides I like to allow an hour per service (2 hours for both hair and makeup). I do the bride second to last so we aren’t feeling rushed! I found it helps to calm her nerves instead of having to go straight from hair and makeup to getting in her dress, starting photos, etc!”

Final Thoughts

Always remember, as a bride your hair and makeup should not only make you look good but make you feel good as well. The most important thing is that as a bride you feel like yourself on your wedding day.

Whether you are thinking of keeping your wedding day makeup classic and simple or glammed up or thinking of wearing your hair up, down or half up, I hope this post has helped you decide on your wedding day look.  

If it did, send me a DM on Instagram (here is our link @tandlcoordination) with what hair and makeup look are you have picked for your wedding, I would love to know your choice. 

While on Instagram, follow our account to get even more wedding pictures of stunning bridal looks, deliciously beautiful cakes and flowers that smell as beautiful as they look. Can’t wait to see you there!


The Darling Details

Thanks to these wonderful makeup & hair experts for sharing their amazing talent with us. 

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