7 Hair & Makeup Experts Guide on how to Choose an Elegant bridal Look

Wedding hair and makeup by The Dallas Makeup Team

I love how hair and makeup can transform your look and express your personality. However at T + L, we are not experts. So we reached out to 7 talented professional wedding Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists for tips and advice. They shared some really good insider tips.

Whether you are choosing your wedding makeup or wedding hairstyle, take this advice from the experts and use it to guide you as you pick a wedding makeup artist or hair stylist who will understand your style and fit your budget.

If you find the advice they have shared helpful or if you love their style, reach out to them; ask them questions on Instagram or explore their websites for even more wedding photos. 

Here is what expert Wedding Makeup Artists And Hair Stylists say is the best way to choose your wedding hair and makeup look.

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Wedding hair by Hair by Lakin

1: What makes you feel beautiful?

⁣⁣By Hair by Lakin; DFW hair stylist

When choosing your bridal look I always start with what makes you feel beautiful? To some people that’s having their hair up, down, having pieces left out around the face. As a stylist I want to know what makes you feel beautiful and add in my style after!

Wedding hair and makeup by The Dallas Makeup Team

2: Use your everyday hair and makeup look.⁣⁣

By The Dallas Makeup Team; Dallas makeup and hair stylists

Bridal trends come and go so it’s really important that a bride choose a makeup style that makes her feel beautiful and is similar to her everyday look. A bride who doesn’t wear tons of makeup should choose a natural, glowy ” S’natural” look.

Wedding hair by Sam Palmer Hair

3: Find your perfect wedding hairstyle on Instagram and Pinterest

By Sam Palmer Hair; Tulsa hair stylist

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, Instagram & Pinterest are great tools for inspiration! A couple tips that I love to give, is to always start by searching for styles with your same hair color. Different colors show different textures – a style on a blonde, may look totally different on a brunette!

Also, take into consideration your hair type (is it heavy & thick? Might you need to add extensions to your style of choice?), along with the possible weather for your wedding day & if it will be an outdoor or indoor ceremony! 

Wedding makeup by Megan Berven Makeup

4: Have you found your inspiration?

By Megan Berven Makeup; Oklahoma makeup artist

I recommend bride’s to take a look at both my portfolio and pinterest/instagram to find a bridal look they love. I suggest they choose an inspiration photo that has similar features to them such as eye/face shape, skin tone, hair color, etc.

Wedding hair and makeup by Baleigh Kerr Hair and Makeup

5: Do a hair and makeup preview.

By Baleigh Kerr Hair and Makeup; DFW hair stylist and makeup artist

Bridal magazines and Pinterest are great places to gather inspiration. Doing a hair and makeup bridal preview (or “trial”) with your artist will really bring your vision to life, this is the time to play with different ideas to make sure you feel like the best version of yourself.

Wedding hair and makeup by Aimee Daily Artistry

6: What makes you feel like you?

By Aimee Daily Artistry; Dallas hair and makeup artist

In choosing your bridal makeup look you’re going to want to think about a few things: How much makeup do I wear on a daily basis? What colors do I like on my skin? I feel most beautiful when I do ___ with my makeup… for instance some people tend to feel pretty and glammed up when they have on a bold lip color, or eyeliner, or sparkly eye shadow.

Lastly, what makes you feel like you? If you don’t typically wear a lot of makeup then I probably wouldn’t suggest a heavy dark makeup look– you won’t feel like you! Pinterest is a great resource. There are hundreds of makeup looks on there for reference in finding the perfect look!

Wedding hair and makeup by Ahimsa Artistry

7: Reflect your inner beauty.

By Ahimsa Artistry; DFW hair & makeup artist

The bride’s most important day is the wedding day and with all eyes on her, makeup should reflect her inner beauty because photos will last forever!

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Final Thoughts


Really great advice from 7 Wedding Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists who are the best at what they do and they do it everyday. Whether you are looking to book a wedding makeup artist or hair stylist, take these tips from the pros and use them to help guide you as you select your wedding team.

Your wedding day is such a big day. You should have makeup and hair that compliments your beauty, shows your personality and lasts all day.

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