11 wedding photographers share the best tips and Ideas for your wedding pictures.

Wedding photo by Julia Sharapova Photography

It is important to have a good wedding photographer on your wedding day. Your wedding day happens only once and a wedding photographer, through wedding photos, captures all the details about it.

We went directly to the experts and asked 11 professional wedding photographers from different parts of the world to share the most important things a Bride and Groom should know about their wedding photographer. They gave us some really great advice.

Whether you are choosing a local wedding photographer or a destination wedding photographer, take this advice from the experts and use it to guide you as you are picking a wedding photographer for your event.

If you find the advice they have shared helpful or if you love their wedding pictures, reach out to them, go follow them on Instagram and explore their websites for even more wedding pictures inspiration.

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Wedding photos by Monika Normand Photography

1: What is a “must-know” when choosing a Wedding Photographer?


By Monika Normand Photography; Dallas wedding photographer.

Narrowing down to just one is tough, so I’ll share two!

The two most important things when choosing a wedding photographer are identifying what style of photography/editing you like most (vibrant, moody, light, documentary, candid, etc) and also connecting with your photographer on a personal level.

Your wedding photographer will be by your side throughout your wedding day, so make sure you feel comfortable with them. You don’t just want a photographer who takes pretty pictures, you also want someone you enjoy being around. 

When choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important not only to like the photographer’s shooting and editing style, but also to find someone you connect with.

You’ll be with your photographer for the majority of your wedding day, so you’ll want to find someone who you’re comfortable around and you click with!  

Wedding photos by Kimberly Harrell Photography

2: What should you always think about when choosing a Wedding Photographer?


By Kimberly Harrell Photography; DFW wedding photographer

That you like their style and that you can see that it is consistent throughout their portfolio. 

You might not think about their personality, but they will be with you all day on your wedding day. You want to make sure that you really like them and that it is a relationship that makes you comfortable. 

A great wedding photographer can take a budget wedding and make it appear high end! 

Wedding Photos by Gaby Pineda Photography

3: Is trust important with your Wedding Photographer?


By Gaby Pineda Photography; DFW wedding photographer.

I am not just a photographer that will show up at your wedding, take your photos and leave. I will create an experience from the moment we meet until we become friends (or at least until we build trust and you can feel comfortable).

I will give you guides and share all my knowledge to create a smooth day by day process. This way you can relax and enjoy your big day.

Wedding Photos by Klenses Images

4: What should you consider when choosing a destination wedding photographer?


By Klenses Images; destination wedding photographer.

Destination wedding photography is a craft and art, everyone has his or her style.

The photographer’s ability to showcase the destination and reliability are essential things, especially when you are dealing with a vendor you have never met and huge amounts of money are involved, choosing a photographer with a physical location would be ideal.

Lastly, When choosing a wedding photographer also consider the turnaround time to deliver. As for my end, I try to deliver most of the work especially guests photos and slideshows before the couple leave the destination, this keeps the whole mood of the occasion

Wedding Photos by Sabel Moments

5: How can a Wedding photographer support you on your wedding day?


By Samantha of Sabel Moments

We are there for YOU. We want you and your significant other to have the time of your life on the big day, and we are there to make sure that happens. We want to help ease the stress and chaos that could surround your day!

We want to document your day and the emotions behind it, and we want to be your biggest cheerleader!

Wedding Photos by Julia Sharapova Photography

6: should you consider your style and the venue lighting when choosing your Wedding photographer?


By Julia Sharapova Photography; Dallas wedding photographer.

Does your photographer have enough experience working in every possible environment? 

If your wedding is in a dark church make sure your photographer knows how to work in such an environment.

It’s much easier to produce beautiful images outside in the pretty daylight, but once you get inside and it gets dark this is where the challenges come! 

What kind of pictures are most important to you? If it’s portraits, make sure that your photographer is skilled with posing. Does everyone look pretty in his or her pictures? No double chins, squished noses, people look relaxed and comfortable. 

If you care to have a lot of candid moments captured in a beautiful way, look for a photographer who has strong photo-journalistic skills. 

Ask yourself: “Do I care if my photos will look outdated five years from now? Do I want trendy or timeless images?”

Wedding Photos by Antonina Yurieva Photography

7: How do you choose the right Destination wedding photographer?


By Antonina Yurieva Photography; destination wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer in Punta Cana, first of all, I would go through ALL the vendors in my specialty, because Punta Cana has a lot of talented vendors.

Reach out and communicate with the best ones that you like and then decide who suits your tastes better (whose style suits you better and whose personal qualities are closer to you in spirit).

Wedding Photos by Kelsey Lanae Photography

8: How detailed should a good wedding photographer be on your wedding day?


By Kelsey Lanae Photography; DFW wedding photographer.

There is so much going through our head to help create the best experience for you: timeline, location, lighting, posing, checking all the details to make sure positioning looks good, settings in our camera, communicating with clients, dealing with vendors and family, etc.

We have to be on our ‘A ‘ game doing everything I just listed for a solid 8-10 hours, getting the shot (most of the time in only one chance) in all situations throughout a day.

Wedding Photos by Michelle Lippert Photography

9: Should your Wedding Photographer get to know more about you?


By Michelle of Michelle Lippert Photography

Your wedding photographer is there to capture your memories, and the best way to do that is if I can get to know and understand you!

If I don’t have a solid sense of what makes you tick and why you picked one small detail, it might get missed or the importance of it will soar above my head and you’ll only have one photo of your grandmother’s ring that you’re wearing on your right hand.

If I don’t know that it was passed down for generations or that it’s a new tradition that you hope to start, I’ll never know how much time to spend in capturing it.

Wedding Photos by Kevin Kallombo Media

10: What qualities should you look for in a Wedding Photographer?


By Kevin Kallombo Media; destination wedding photographer.

Creativity, style of work the vendor has, and most definitely the budget

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11: What should you consider when choosing the right wedding photographer for you?


By Punta Cana Photographer; wedding photographer.

That you love their work and you can connect with them.

Final Thoughts


There you go! Advice from 11 wedding photographers who practice the art of photography every day.

Whether you are looking to book a local wedding photographer or a destination wedding photographer, take this advice from the pros and use it to help guide you as you select your wedding photographer.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. You should have wedding pictures that tell the story of your beautiful wedding day; beautiful wedding pictures that look great and that you can share with your friends and family for years to come.

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