Wedding DJ Help (Useful): Do you need a DJ at your wedding?

Someone once told me that good tunes that fill up the dance floor are a must have ingredient for a great time. A good DJ has such a huge impact on your wedding. Your wedding DJ not only plays the music for your reception but also for your ceremony and cocktail hour.

Do I really need a wedding DJ at my wedding?

If you want your guests to have a good time and to stay on the dance floor all night, then it’s vital that you get an experienced wedding DJ. A wedding DJ who is focused and has a good organized plan for your wedding.

DJ Los of Vegas DJ services is an experienced Central Texas wedding DJ in San Antonio and Austin Texas. I am so thrilled because today he is sharing some tips on how he creatively plans the music for your wedding and how he keeps guests dancing all night long.

Use his process to help you come up with songs for your wedding and if you need any help with a DJ, reach out to him he would love to help you. 

Do you want to learn more about songs for your wedding reception? Keep reading!

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Should the wedding DJ choose my music?

I believe there should be mutual trust. We love to have the couple give us their must play songs along with their do-not play song selection. This will give us an overall good understanding of their musical taste.

For every song they have on their must-playlist we already know what additional songs will pair well with it. I always tell my couples that I do not have an ego, I am providing my services for their special day. Also for them to trust in the fact that I have their best interest in mind with keeping the dance floor moving!

How do you select good songs for the wedding reception?

You make my dreams by Hall and Oates is always fun during dinner. This always gets a great reaction!

Over the past couple years we’ve had the pleasure of doing more mashups for the first dances. These are a blast to do! It’s fun getting creative with the couple and helping them bring these really cool ideas to life!

During our meetings I always like to ask the couple If they have any specific song they would like to open with or how they envision their reception. Again this helps me in getting to know my client.

The more I know them and their wants, helps me to better prepare for their event. This helps to ensure a successful night!

What is included in a wedding DJ package?

At Vegas DJ Services we have a lot of unique setups and packages. For example we have: 

  • Our “Rustique Package ” which has more of a country chic feel to it. This has been a very popular option especially with us being in central Texas. 
  • Our Flash Package comes with an upgraded DJ setup with Aluminum Truss, customized LED light show, personalized monogram, and photo booth! 

We also offer our Roamer! This is like a mobile photo booth. We are one of the handful of companies who have one. A member of our team will walk “roam” the event and have pictures taken of your guests!

This way no one has to leave the dance floor to go stand in line. They can keep partying and we go to them! They can then have their photo sent to them via text so they get that instant gratification and are able to share to social media!

The best part is that the couple gets all the photos at the end of the night!

Advice for the bride and groom

Don’t take it too seriously. Lol. Have fun with it! At times some couples may think a certain song may be too cheesy when filling out the questionnaire, but during the event it may be the one song that gets people onto the dance floor!

Final Thoughts

Pick a wedding DJ that is well versed in music and knows how to read a crowd. Like DJ Los said, get creative, have fun selecting your music and let your DJ know if you have specific songs or genres that you want to play. A good DJ will always listen to you and creatively add to your music selection. 

What’s on your music playlist? Let me know! Send me a DM @tandlcoordination I would love to see what’s on your playlist.


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